About Us


Murphco of Florida, Inc. is an award-winning family business founded with simple yet sincere beliefs: Integrity, Loyalty and Respect. Our founder Phillip Murphey instilled these belief’s in his company and Murphco of Florida has thrived with these values leading the way. For over 50 years Murphco has flourished in the Hospitality industry and grown to incorporate major brands such as, Hilton, IHG and Best Western. We take pride in all our award-winning hotels and work to ensure our continued outstanding success.

Founded in 1972 Murphco of Florida opened its first property, a Holiday Inn, in Jennings, Louisiana. This humble beginning was the first step in Murphco of Florida’s journey. By the early 80’s Murphco had expanded and opened hotels in both Jacksonville & Tallahassee. By the late 90’s we owned properties throughout Louisiana and Florida.

Our success is mainly due to a simple philosophy, Put People First. We are more than just a team; we are FAMILY. We ensure our employees success by supporting them and providing a safe, healthy and encouraging work environment. Our guests are charmed with good old-fashioned southern manners & hospitality. We earn their trust and loyalty through hard work and by forming genuine relationships.